Vietnam Travel Tips: How To Have The Best Travel In Vietnam

    Vietnamese Pho
    Vietnamese Pho

    In contrast to other countries in the region, Vietnam is the only country located in Southeast Asia but belongs to the culture zone of Sinosphere. It is just one among many surprise things you can discover in this beautiful country during your Vietnam trip. Let’s follow the facts about Vietnam to to know how to travel in Vietnam as well as not be shocked when traveling to Vietnam.


    Take your visa seriously

    It seems like common sense but there are many cases that tourists turned away at the airport for visa arrival in Vietnam misinformation or some troubles about personal documents. It is better to check twice or more your information, have your accommodation address to go for the arrival form. Don’t pressure on the immigration officers, no matter how cold they are, let’s be gentle and keep calm.

    The price for goods is possibly bargained

    It is true that there is a special culture in trading in Vietnam that might interrupt your sense. If in other countries the price of goods is fixed and they just pay for the good they want. There is a stage you are supposed to do when buying the items in Vietnam that is the bargain. It is normal in Vietnam to overcharge or inflate prices when the sellers think they can get more money for the items. Sellers will convince you to buy with the fake price or pretend they are lower the price for you. So, it is necessary to have a local to go shopping with you in the local markets. There is no need in the modern supermarket because the price of the goods is true and fixed.

    Don’t try to ride the motorbike in Vietnam if you are not willing

    Maybe it is not strange at all for you to see the images of tons of crazy motorbikes on Vietnam streets, it creates a typical culture to realize Vietnam in the eyes of international friends. If you want to experience how to drive a motorbike on Vietnam road, it is good to have a local guide on your back to control you. We don’t encourage you to drive on the streets in the cities because it is very crowded and your driving skill is not enough to deal with the unexpected cases. It is possible to drive in the rural area or empty streets in advance. When you are confident with your driving skill, you completely find the motorbike tours to travel around Vietnam with local motorbike teams. It will be a memorable experience that you will never have in other countries.

    Vietnam city’s street
    Vietnam city’s street

    Vietnam is bigger than you think

    If you look at the world map, you will see Vietnam is a little country, but in fact, it is bigger than you think. You have to take months to visit all the attractions in Vietnam.

    The train from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city takes about 34 hours while it takes 50 hours if you travel by bus. Vietnam is a beautiful country, so if you have a long time enough, let’s spend a couple of weeks to explore the country.

    You can be stylish but dress conservatively

    Vietnam now is more open than the previous decades, but in general, this is a Buddhism and Confucius country, so there are some rules about dressing you should follow. It is freestyle for you when traveling to the beach, tourist attractions, etc but in the sacred places or religious-related places like pagodas, temples, museums, etc, you should wear formal, or at least do not wear the short skirt, because you will not be admitted to go into that locations.

    Rooftop bars

    No matter where you go, you should find a rooftop bar to enjoy the cool breeze, city lights, and views. Vietnam has more rooftop bar than other countries in the area. In Nha Trang, it is good to try the Sheraton at sunset. In Ho Chi Minh city, the Duc Vuong hotel on Bui Vien, or Broma Bar’s rooftop is the best places in the area to view the city at night. In Hanoi, let’s check out Pacific Place.

    Pho is not the only dish you should try there

    Vietnam is praised as the kitchen of the world, so the cuisine of the country is extremely amazing. Thanks to the cultural exchange in years with other countries in the area as well as in the world in the different periods, Vietnam cuisine is the selective combination of other different cuisines, especially Chinese and French cuisine which are two most outstanding cuisines in the world. Besides the famous dish of Pho, there are more delicious dishes you have to try when visiting Vietnam such as Hue beef noodle, pancakes, bun cha, egg coffee, etc. It is really delicious!

    Vietnamese Pho
    Vietnamese Pho

    With the long and rich culture and history, Vietnam has more things to explore than you think. Let’s book a Vietnam tour via Vietnam package travel which is a Vietnam based tour provider offering tours in Vietnam and ASEAN countries to explore the unique things in this magical country. If you need further surprising facts about Vietnam or tips of how to travel in Vietnam, we are here willing to help you. Thank you!